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What’s so good about San Francisco?


“You can do anything here. I mean, anything. Nobody really cares one way or the other what you do. That can be good, and bad. You can start a company and make 10 million dollars. You can get hooked on heroin and die in the gutter. You can sleep in a penthouse, you can sleep on the street.

It’s hardcore because people here go all out. People are driven. They want to do things, make things. It’s like the Burning Man mantra: There are no observers, only participants. Once you come to the city you become part of the organism. You help create what the city becomes. That’s why the neighborhoods have such character. They have magnetism. Like-minded people congregate and have block parties.

People here are allowed to be freaks. It’s empowering. People walk down the street naked, wearing gang colors, dressed as rabbits, on unicycles, in Ferraris, pushing strollers. No one cares. If it’s your deal you can just do it. It’s like daily performance art.

People are tattooed. You argue about Hitchcock films with cabbies. You check-in on Foursquare at raw milk dairies at the Ferry building. People skate, they eat dim-sum, they take visiting relatives to Vesuvios in North Beach. Everyone used to be a DJ and they have rare vinyl. People have strong opinions about HTML 5. There is universal love for Bob Marley.

It’s more laid-back than New York. More fun than Boston (sorry), more nerdy than LA. It’s everything and nothing. It is the cave into which Luke finds Darth Vader.

You should come!”



san francisco has taken the lead in the “places i want to live for the rest of my life” list.

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    san francisco has taken the lead in the “places i want to live for the rest of my life” list.
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